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Finding A Way

This was written on November 28, 2016

My day today? Singkatnya, gw berburu cerita.
Galau coy wkwk mendadak bahasa Indo. Yowes lah ya. Galau nya bukan apa2, memikirkan hidup aja tiba2 dari semalem. I know I want to be an entrepreneur. But next? What field? What my contribution will be? What is my dream, my vision? I don't know what to answer for those questions.
Gw ngechat banyak orang buat minta cerita mereka dan mencari insights on what I should do. Bahkan salah satu temen gw, temen SMA yang gw tau dia udah menemukan tujuan hidup dia, nelpon gw lewat LINE Call tengah malem untuk berbagi cerita dia. Aih :") 
Siang2nya gw ngobrol sama temen gw yg lain, anak MRI, lagi2 yang udah menemukan tujuan hidup dia. Gw juga minta cerita dia: apa mimpi dia dan gimana caranya dia bisa sampe ke mimpi yang dia pegang sekarang. "Wah harus cerita hidup gw ini." wkwk gapapa lah yha ehe
terakhir, gw cerita ke salah satu temen deket gw di MRI. Yg ini sama kyk gw, lagi masa2nya galau …
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Simple Yet Matters

Watching Korean dramas actually made me sink in to deep thoughts more than I should.

Previously, my last post named "The Beauty Of Death" also came from a thought after I watch Uncontrollably Fond. It was about an actor, a young, bright, and famous one, who suddenly told by his doctor that his time is nearing an end with 3 months left. I never knew what the disease was, though. He was a rising star, a lot of scripts were offered to him. But he just didn't want to do it (acting) anymore.

Then as always, there was this girl. He had loved this girl for over 10 years. Their fate intertwined numerous times, but he never conveyed his feeling to her. Then suddenly it became important to him because of death he's facing. But I'm not going to blab about this drama now. Click here for more.

Another drama that made me think is This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair. It is still ongoing actually. Yeah, yeah, the title is a little bit off, but I watched it the first time beca…


Somehow it amaze me how people could change from A to B to C or even back to A again. Don't judge!But arghh it is so hard to do. Why? I'm naturally someone who trust people easily. But when people keep changing back and forth, what should I trust?? Do I have to always question pleople?? Call me naïve but I just CAN'T T.T

The Beauty of Death

I've got a question for all of us.
Imagine that you only have 1 year to live, what will you do? Now let's narrow it down. How about 6 months, or even 3 months, until your time in this world is up, what will you do?What do you want to do?
Will you still be doing what you're doing right now?--------
We're reading more and more that Steve Jobs, for all his dedication to Apple, was even more dedicated to his wife and family.Here's a touching detail surrounding the story of how he skipped a business meeting in 1990 to take his wife on their first date as reported by Gizmodo:"About this time, Jobs meets Laurene Powell when he speaks at a class at Stanford business school. They exchange numbers. Jobs had a business dinner that night. 'I was in the parking lot, with the key in the car, and I thought to myself, If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman? I ran across the parking lot, asked her …

What age to travel?

Literally, I looked for it in Pinterest :"D

It kind of confuses me. There are three choices (at least in my head):

ONE. Work like crazy and retire early. is still sooooo fuckin' ass long time :"" (sorry for the bad words) and how'd you know that you'd be able to take early retirement? The uncertainty is soooo damn high (again, sorry for the bad words). Not to mention I don't even know how long my age would last. Also, well, with high uncertainty and all, you have less energy out of old age.

TWO. Go out before I settle. The settle here doesn't necessarily means marriage. I even think that it'd be great if I can go travel with my husband :3 fufu. But what I mean is "work" things. Before we settle down our career, travel. Especially if, just like me, you want to be an entrepreneur, which needs high commitment hence you can't possibly leave your works. BUT! How am I gonna live??? I need money of course :"

THREE. It turns …

Lifetime Choices

Sure enough, what we decide today could affect our entire life.There is a saying, "We are free to choose somthing, but we are not free from its consequences."I recently realize that one of the most frequent and biggest consequences is commitment.(Oh God, I just wrote something enormous even for me who wrote it :"D)When we choose something, especially some huge decisions, we are made to stick to it until the end of our lives. Say marriages, life goals, principles, etc you can think of.But people could waver. It's normal. When troubles strike, I mean big enough to cause inner battle within ourselves, some people choose to quit. It lead me to one conclusion: people are fickle (plin plan, mudah berubah). Today he said A, some other days he might say B.I'm not saying it's bad. Well, people are dynamic. We are meant to change, especially to be a better person and it's not easy to change. Then again of course, quitting is obviously not in our mind when we made …

Dreamcatcher Summit

This project has let me not only to be a leader, but also to be a human.

I understand now when people in AIESEC said that being an OC will develop you so much. I never created anything worth to be appreciated. I thought that I was a mediocre. Able to do a lot of things but never master any of it. Even in Business Development (BD) of AIESEC LC Bandung 15/16, being a part of a great team made me feel small since I didn't achieve much. I am not being modest, I was the only manager that didn't awarded as best BD manager for all 4 quarters. I mean, duh, there were only three BD managers on 4 quarters, couldn't I just ship right in for 1 damn quarters? Well, yeah, I couldn't. But I love them since they're still accepted me for who I am regardless the least contribution I made for this functional and this LC.

Then maybe you can call it blessing in disguise. Our LC's financial condition was that bad at that time. BD was expected to raise a lot of money to improve our…